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Resolving Your Disputes Through Mediation

Mediation is often the most effective conflict resolution strategy you can use to resolve your legal disputes. It is usually more cost-effective than litigation, and may eliminate the contentiousness and acrimony often associated with taking your dispute to a trial. I have been helping clients work through mediated outcomes for over 30 years, and I look forward to helping you resolve your dispute in a way that protects your interests.

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I help clients throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina, area with mediation in a broad range of areas, including:

The Benefits Of Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

Mediation is a highly successful way of ending disputes in a way to prevent the delays and expense inherent in the court system. There are many benefits to mediation, including:

  • Costs are usually significantly less than going to trial
  • Parties can agree on a mediator
  • Allows for more control over the process and the outcome of each case

Mandatory Parent Education And Child Custody Mediation

In this type of mediation, parents sit down with a certified, court appointed, neutral mediator to seek an agreement about legal or physical custody. If this fails, the case will move on to court. You have nothing to lose in mediation. It is by far the most cost-effective way to resolve custody disputes and allows participants more control over their own legal outcomes.

What Is Family Financial Mediation?

This is mandatory in cases involving equitable distribution or equitable distribution, spousal support and alimony. Family financial mediation generally takes place after parties have separated, but can be completed before or after a divorce. A neutral third party assists parties and lawyers in reaching an agreement. This process is required by state statutes and local court rules in many jurisdictions, including North Carolina.

Because I handle a large number of cases involving upper middle-aged couples who have accumulated additional assets throughout the years, I understand the process and costs for proper resolution of financial matters during divorce and family law matters.

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Do not put your family law issues in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. I have represented clients in North Carolina for more than 30 years. My office is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. Contact me today to learn more about mediation by calling 336-273-8595.