Over 25 Years Of Family Law: My Attorney Profile

For more than 25 years, I have helped clients in the Greensboro, North Carolina area resolve their family problems effectively and efficiently. Born in Greensboro, I am active and involved in this community. I understand the legal process. I know the courts and the documents, the language and the legal landscape.

Personal Service From Start To Finish

I’m a one-person office by choice. Family law is the only law I’ve ever done and I know it well. When you work with The Law Office Of Kevin R. Brackett you work with me. I don’t rely on other people to meet with you or screen your calls, “take care of” your paperwork or appear in court on your behalf. I am aware of every detail of your case because I take the time to do it for your or with you. This creates less miscommunication and minimizes problems.

Focused Attention

Other firms take on as many cases as come through the door. As a small firm, I accept and focus on a very limited number of cases at a time. I take your case only when I know I can provide good service and resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Cost Effective

Larger firms have larger overhead costs. In addition to partner salaries a larger firm must pay for larger spaces, conference rooms, technology, administrative support and paralegals. To meet these costs, larger firms typically focus on larger cases. Many times cases such as a divorce will get shuffled down to a new associate who may have little or no family law experience.

I offer a lower overhead, personal focus and decades of family law and divorce experience. I will seek to resolve your issue by finding the best solution for you and your family in the most efficient way possible. If you are looking for reliable, straightforward representation, call and set up a one hour consultation. I charge a reasonable hourly rate and will quote you a price over the phone before you come in.

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To discuss your family law needs personally with an experienced family law attorney, contact me today to schedule an appointment by calling 336-273-8595.